Volume 59 (2007)

Number 5

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Original Research Articles

Interdecadal changes in southern hemisphere winter storm track modes Jorgen S. Frederiksen, Carsten S. Frederiksen
Assimilating non-local observations with a local ensemble Kalman filter Elana J. Fertig, Brian R. Hunt, Edward Ott, Istvan Szynyogh
4-D-Var or ensemble Kalman filter? Eugenia Kalnay, Hong Li, Takemasa Miyoshi, Shu-Chih Yang, Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy


Response to the discussion on “4-D-Var or EnKF?” by Nils Gustafsson Eugenia Kalnay, Hong Li, Takemasa Miyoshi, Shu-Chih Yang, Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy

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Contents Harald Lejenäs

Number 4

Original Research Articles

Tropical cyclone genesis potential index in climate models Suzana J. Camargo, Adam H. Sobel, Anthony G. Barnston, Kerry A. Emanuel

Regular Issue

How may tropical cyclones change in a warmer climate? Lennart Bengtsson, Kevin I. Hodges, Monika Esch, Noel Keenlyside, Luis Kornblueh, Jing-Jia Luo, Toshio Yamagata

Number 3

Original Research Articles

Validating and understanding the ENSO simulation in two coupled climate models Vasubandhu Misra, Larry Marx, James L. Kinter III, Ben P. Kirtman, Zhichang Guo, Dughong Min, Mike Fennessy, Paul A. Dirmeyer, Rameshan Kallummal, David M. Straus
On the origin of interdecadal oscillations in a coupled ocean–atmosphere model Olivier Arzel, Alain Colin De Verdière, Thierry Huck

Number 2

Original Research Articles

Some estimates of the Baltic deep-water transport through the Stolpe trench K. Borenäs, R. Hietala, J. Laanearu, P. Lundberg
Northern Hemisphere sea ice variability: lag structure and its implications Jinro Ukita, Meiji Honda, Hisashi Nakamura, Yoshihiro Tachibana, Donald J. Cavalieri, Claire L. Parkinson, Hiroshi Koide, Kentaro Yamamoto


REPLY Rolf H. Langland, Nancy L. Baker

Number 1


Change in the ownership of Tellus Harald Lejenäs, Henning Rodhe

Review Article

Original Research Articles

Flux-conservative thermodynamic equations in a mass-weighted framework B. Catry, J. -F. Geleyn, M. Tudor, P. Bénard, A. Trojáková
On precursors of South American cyclogenesis David Mendes, Enio P. Souza, Isabel F. Trigo, Pedro M. A. Miranda