Volume 57 (2005)

Number 5

Original Research Articles

A comparison of error subspace Kalman filters Lars Nerger, Wolfgang Hiller, Jens Schröter
Westward propagation of the Indian monsoon depression Tsing-Chang Chen, Jin-Ho Yoon, Shih-Yu Wang
The island wind–buoyancy connection Agatha M. De Boer, Doron Nof
Laboratory observations and simple models of slow oscillations in cooled salt-stratified bodies J. A. Whitehead, Lianke Te Raa, Tomoki Tozuka, Joseph B. Keller, Keith Bradley

Number 4

Original Research Articles

Global observations and forecast skill Lennart Bengtsson, Kevin I. Hodges, Lizzie S. R. Froude
Assessing a local ensemble Kalman filter: perfect model experiments with the National Centers for Environmental Prediction global model Istvan Szunyogh, Eric J. Kostelich, G. Gyarmati, D. J. Patil, Brian R. Hunt, Eugenia Kalnay, Edward Ott, James A. Yorke
Why ocean heat transport warms the global mean climate Celine Herweijer, Richard Seager, Michael Winton, Amy Clement
Can limited ocean mixing buffer rapid climate change? Kevin I. C. Oliver, Andrew J. Watson, David P. Stevens
Vertical alignment of the Gulf Stream A. W. Ratsimandresy, J. L. Pelegrí

Number 3

PREFACE Tim Palmer

Multi-Model Forecasting

Sensitivity Analyses

Actual and potential skill of seasonal predictions using the CNRM contribution to DEMETER: coupled versus uncoupled model Jean-François Guérémy, Michel Déqué, Alain Braun, Jean-Philippe Piedelièvre
A performance comparison of coupled and uncoupled versions of the Met Office seasonal prediction general circulation model R. J. Graham, M. Gordon, P. J. McLean, S. Ineson, M. R. Huddleston, M. K. Davey, A. Brookshaw, R. T. H. Barnes
A coupled method for initializing El Niño Southern Oscillation forecasts using sea surface temperature Noel Keenlyside, Mojib Latif, Michael Botzet, Johann Jungclaus, Uwe Schulzweida
Ensembles of global ocean analyses for seasonal climate prediction: impact of temperature assimilation Philippe Rogel, Anthony T. Weaver, Nicolas Daget, Sophie Ricci, Eric Machu


Statistical and dynamical downscaling of precipitation over Spain from DEMETER seasonal forecasts E. Díez, C. Primo, J. A. García-Moya, J. M. Gutiérrez, B. Orfila
Downscaling of DEMETER winter seasonal hindcasts over Northern Italy V. Pavan, S. Marchesi, A. Morgillo, C. Cacciamani, F. J. Doblas-Reyes

User Applications

A forecast quality assessment of an end-to-end probabilistic multi-model seasonal forecast system using a malaria model Andrew P. Morse, Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes, Moshe B. Hoshen, Renate Hagedorn, Tim N. Palmer
Evaluation of downscaled DEMETER multi-model ensemble seasonal hindcasts in a northern Italy location by means of a model of wheat growth and soil water balance V. Marletto, F. Zinoni, L. Criscuolo, G. Fontana, S. Marchesi, A. Morgillo, M. Van Soetendael, E. Ceotto, U. Andersen