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Development and evaluation of a new regional coupled atmosphere-ocean model in the North Sea and Baltic Sea Shiyu Wang, Christian Dieterich, Ralf Döscher, Anders Höglund, Robinson Hordoir, H. E. Markus Meier, Patrick Samuelsson, Semjon Schimanke
Coupling of convection and circulation at various resolutions Cathy Hohenegger, Linda Schlemmer, Levi Silvers
Assimilating high-resolution winds from a Doppler lidar using an ensemble Kalman filter with lateral boundary adjustment Masahiro Sawada, Tsuyoshi Sakai, Toshiki Iwasaki, Hiromu Seko, Kazuo Saito, Takemasa Miyoshi
Assimilation of zenith total delays in the AROME France convective scale model: a recent assessment Jean-François Mahfouf, Furqan Ahmed, Patrick Moll, Felix N. Teferle
Accounting for observation errors in image data assimilation Vincent Chabot, Maelle Nodet, Nicolas Papadakis, Arthur Vidard
Validation of SMOS sea ice thickness retrieval in the northern Baltic Sea Nina Maaß, Lars Kaleschke, Xiangshan Tian-Kunze, Marko Mäkynen, Matthias Drusch, Thomas Krumpen, Stefan Hendricks, Mikko Lensu, Jari Haapala, Christian Haas
Identifying added value in high-resolution climate simulations over Scandinavia Stephanie Mayer, Cathrine Fox Maule, Stefan Sobolowski, Ole Bøssing Christensen, Hjalte Jomo Danielsen Sørup, Maria Antonia Sunyer, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Idar Barstad
Specification of wet-day daily rainfall quantiles from the mean value Rasmus E. Benestad, Doug Nychka, Linda O. Mearns

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