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Impact of different solar penetration depths on climate simulations Xiaobing Zhou, Simon J. Marsland, Russell Fiedler, Daohua Bi, Anthony C. Hirst, Oscar Alves
A new regional climate model operating at the meso-gamma scale: performance over Europe David Lindstedt, Petter Lind, Erik Kjellström, Colin Jones
Baltic sea level low-frequency variability Evgueni A. Kulikov, Igor P. Medvedev, Klaus Peter Koltermann
Snow bands over the Gulf of Finland in wintertime Jordi Mazon, Sami Niemelä, David Pino, Hannu Savijärvi, Timo Vihma
Specification of wet-day daily rainfall quantiles from the mean value Rasmus E. Benestad, Doug Nychka, Linda O. Mearns

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